Ceremonies and Fees

We are frequently asked how we arrive at determining a fee for the most essential professional you will contract for your wedding day. Well, the good news is that your fee for an officiant can be even less than your wedding cake!

When choosing to have your wedding in an elegant Wine Country or Bay Area setting with Rev. Dalton and Your Ceremony Matters, you are contracting with a professionally trained and ordained minister. Rev. Dalton is a gifted public speaker that is experienced, articulate, and inclusive in philosophy, spontaneous in style and at the same time centered and dignified. His delivery of your ceremony will provide joyful and lasting memories for yourselves and all your family and guests.
We think you will find his presence at your wedding priceless!

Reverend Dalton and BrideWe have a range of fees for Rev Dalton’s professional services that will match up with your needs. Please take a look at the sampling of wedding packages that we offer.

But first, a word about the officiate's fee: Many couples expectation about the minister or officiate fee is influenced by childhood memories or family experiences of a priest or minister receiving a voluntary stipend for services rendered. Often couples equate the fee with "just officiating the wedding", not realizing the actual amount of time involved in preparation to deliver your handcrafted and personal ceremony.

Each couple needs to honor the officiant, who holds the important role of setting the tone of your ceremony and the spirit of the entire day. He or she should be included in your budget, along with your wedding site, wedding coordinator, photographer, hair stylist, musicians, florist and caterer, and even your cake!

Our fee for Elopement-Intimate Weddings start at $595.00 subject to our availability, size of wedding, and travel requirements. Weekday Weddings are available Monday-Thursday and start at $850.00.

In 2016 our fee for wedding ceremony planning and officiating for all full-service Weekend Weddings begins at $1,400.00. The services include several meetings (in person or by Skype conference call), ceremony outline, suggested readings, vows and pre-marriage conversations, final ceremony outline, confirmation. The bride and groom can request Rev.Dalton give a sample ceremony placement run-through in his office as part of the final meeting.

All initial consultations can be done in our downtown Sonoma office or by telephone or Skype video conference call.

Again, these rates depend on many factors that we discuss on an individual basis.

Before meeting with you, we were concerned about the cost of performing the ceremony. We decided that it would be worth the extra money to have someone speak so eloquently on our behalf. It is only now after the ceremony, in looking back at our wedding video, pictures and talking with friends and family that we know that you were not only worth every penny, but a BARGAIN at that! We will always be grateful to you, for you delivered the mood we envisioned for our guests and ourselves on that spectacular October day. Thank you sincerely for making our wedding ceremony the most touching and heartfelt event.

~ Kirsten and Ben Johnson